Marie O'Neill Marie O’Neill – College of Computing Technology

“Promoting Student Engagement: The Impact of the Student Mentoring Academy at CCT College Dublin”

Peer learning has been a key focus of the teaching and learning experience at CCT College Dublin since its foundation in 2005. The CCT Student Mentoring Academy is a student engagement and success initiative in which students provide peer guidance and support in the context of challenging IT and business subjects. This presentation describes the organisation, delivery, and benefits of CCT’s formal student mentoring programme designed in partnership with students. Using Brookfield’s Four Lenses model of reflection and feedback gathered from student mentors, the presentation describes the ongoing evolution and impact of the Student Mentoring Academy in the context of student engagement, partnership, student self-efficacy and success, institution wide. The presentation also explores the impact of the National Student Engagement Programme, the COVID-19 Pandemic and the awarding of blended learning status to CCT College in 2020 in relation to the Academy’s on-going development.
The presentation concludes with an analysis of future potential directions for the Mentoring Academy subsequent to AsIAm’s recognition of CCT in the first stage of the Autism Friendly HEI Award in 2023. This recognition highlights the increased importance of the Mentoring Academy in supporting students with disabilities, including those on the autism spectrum, and underscores the College’s continued commitment to providing a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all students.
Keywords: Peer learning, student mentoring, student engagement, student success, Autism Friendly HEI Award.

Promoting Student Engagement Marie O’ Neill – Presentation Slides

Marie O’ Neill works as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Officer at CCT College Dublin. Prior to this she worked as Head of Enhancement and Head of the Centre for Teaching and Learning at CCT. Previously, Marie worked as a professional librarian in the libraries of the Technological University Dublin, University College Dublin, the Oireachtas, the Welsh Office, King’s Inns and Dublin Business School. Marie is currently pursuing a part-time PhD in Diamond Open Access Library Publishing at University College Dublin. She is an Editorial Board member of the All-Ireland Journal of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (AISHE-J). Marie has completed National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning digital badges including facilitator badges in Universal Design, Online Teaching and Learning and PACT.

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