Irish Conference on Engaging Pedagogy 2021

Student Engagement: Sustaining Inclusive Practice

WHEN December 14th
WHERE ICEP online conference

ICEP 2021

Owing to the fact that the traditional face to face conference is not a possibility for ICEP this year, we are hosting an online conference on all things pedagogy in 2021. The conference theme this year is "Student Engagement: Sustaining Inclusive Practice".

We are delighted to announce that our keynote speaker for ICEP 2021 is Professor Alison Cook-Sather.

Registration is open for ICEP 2021 by using the following Evenbrite link

Engaging pedagogy is increasingly important, and indeed challenging, for educators in terms of sustainability in a time of limited resources. Higher Education Institutions strive to make great efforts to deliver a quality student experience, incorporating innovative and creative pedagogy leveraged with technology. In recent times, the student experience of HE has been at odds with the accepted expectation of HE. Our staff and students have had to adjust their expectations, and staff have risen to the challenge of engaging students amidst socially distanced teaching, rapidly constructed online modules, periods of isolation.

ICEP 2021 is an important and timely opportunity for the sector to come together and consider what it means to engage students in a meaningful way that ensures the critical voice and insight of students impacts on our pedagogical practice as we build towards the next academic year, and beyond.

Through the lens of engaging pedagogy, we will discuss not only the challenges, but also the opportunities presented by the recent experience. ICEP 2021 seeks to explore how these changes can impact positively on the student learning experience.

The schedule for the conference can be found here

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