2019 ICEP Papers

“Can You Hear Me Now?” Insights from Blended Learning Teachers. [View Paper] Ronan Lynch and Bernadette Brereton.

Interprofessional education: International perspectives on the delivery of research methods modules. [View Paper] Roisin Cahalan, Mary Fitzpatrick and Pauline Boland.

Thinking with your Hands: A Constructionist Perspective on Design Pedagogy. [View Paper] Alan Ryan.

Reflections on ‘Promoting Academic Integrity Week,’ [View Paper] Rob Lowney and Fiona O’Riordan.

Engaging pedagogy through the use of an Integrated Case study in Business Education.[View Paper] Sharon McGreevy, Siobhan Gallagher and Conor Heagney.

Collaborative learning spaces to support engaged pedagogy. [View Paper] Ciara McCaffrey.

Mindfulness in the Educational System: To Be or Not to Be?[View Paper] Maria Kenneally.

The role of assessment literacy in encouraging students to choose alternative assessment mode. [View Paper] Emma O Brien, Karen Ni Chlochasaigh and Tj O’Ceallaigh.

Using the UDL framework to take account of student diversity when developing summative assessment in a large class context: Reflections of a higher education teacher educator. [View Paper] Ann Marie Farrell.

Developing Digital Capabilities in Further Education and Training: Learning Through Inquiry. [View Paper] Yvonne Emmett and Michael Goldrick.

Changing Speed How First Year Students learn to learn in the Design Studio. [View Paper] Morgan Flynn, Jan Frohburg, Anna Ryan and Declan Feeney.

Teaching as Response, Responsibility, and Response-ability.[View Paper] Yvonne Emmett and Sheena Hyland.

Succeed together, fail together? Exploring individual and group assessment at final year undergraduate level. [View Paper] Carol Moran.

Beacons and Novice Programming Comprehension. [View Paper] Mark Noone and Aidan Mooney.

Conceptions of student-staff partnership among academics at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, in relation to the research teaching nexus. [View Paper] Paul Collins.

Peeling the Onion: Critical Reflection within a Community of Practice, [View Paper] Kathleen Horgan, Fionnuala Tynan, Anne O’ Byrne and Martin O’ Connor.

Academic Development Provision: Impact and Sustainability Challenges. [View Paper] Fiona O’Riordan.

Embedding self- and peer-assessment in an undergraduate generic skills module. [View Paper] Laura Costelloe.

Case Study on the HECA Academic Quality Enhancement Forum: Collaborative efforts to interpret, adapt and implement the PD Framework. [View Paper] Ruth Ní Bheoláin.

Maynooth University Innovation Lab: Fostering Sustainability in the Higher Education Sector through Design-Thinking – A Practice Paper.
[View Paper] Trevor Vaugh and Threase Kessie.

Mindful Heroes book a resource for engaging pedagogy in HE. [View Paper] Terry Barrett, Vin Harris and Graeme Nixon.

ABC Learning Design Life Hacks. [View Paper] Clare Gormley and Suzanne Stone.

The contribution of online lurking practice to the pedagogical knowledgeability of part-time, external faculty members. [View Paper] Sandra Flynn.

Developing guidelines for the use of WhatsApp as a back channel in Higher Education. [View Paper] Suzanne Stone and Anna Logan.

A Green Approach to Professional Development (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – getting educational gems to those who need them). [View Paper] Monica Ward.

Rethinking professional development in higher education; Investigating continuing professional development requirements, commitments, activities and perceptions among allied health academic practitioners.
[View Paper] Catherine Norton and Mary Fitzpatrick.

The Educational Ontology of Paulo Freire and the Voice of the Irish Adult Educator. [View Paper] Alex McKillican.

Enhancing Digital Capacity in Teaching and Learning Project: Autumn Semester 2019 Pilot at the University of Limerick – Digital Peer Review Assignments and Student Produced Animated Videos. [View Paper] David Moloney, Reena Cole, David Tanner, Arlene McCurtin and Anne O’Connor.

Educator voices on learning analytics: Exploring staff perspectives on potential, challenges and professional development needs. [View Paper] Catherine Deegan, Geraldine Gray and Pauline Rooney.

Enhancing Digital Capacity in Teaching and Learning in Irish Universities. [View Paper] Sharon Flynn, Julie Byrne, David Hamill, Rob Lowney, Kate Molloy, David Moloney, Morag Munro, Kevin O’Connor, Marian O’Connor, Tom O’Mara and Suzanne Stone.

Acta non verba [Deeds, not words]: A phronetic, multi-stakeholder approach toward transformative and sustainable business education.[View Paper] Jean McCarthy and Brian Shee.

Predicting Student Success, Early on a VTOS Course. [View Paper] Stephen Colgan, Keith Quille, Jelena Vasic and Sean McHugh.

Project-based learning in secondary schools: a precursor to project management in the workplace. [View Paper] Shannette Budhai.