Ronan Lynch

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‘You’re on Mute…No, You’re Still on Mute!’: a warts-and-all look behind the curtain at teaching in the age of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic has instigated a truly seismic shift in the way that education has taken place globally since early 2020, and with it brought about a need for an urgent and comprehensive upskill to teaching in a new domain.

This talk builds upon a 2019 case study analysis that described and evaluated the experiences of higher education teachers with blended learning, a study which comprised of 12 participants. Given the unheralded changes in education since the emergence and proliferation of the pandemic, the proposed study aims to expand upon this sample size given the greater numbers now teaching in the space. In the proposed case study, the participants are asked, in questionnaire form, for their experiences in relation to the five recommendations extracted from the original study. These recommendations centre on the following aspects of blended, online, and remote teaching: (i) planning class; (ii) classroom techniques; (iii) the learner; (iv) supports; and (v) the teaching space.

This proposed study explores the experiences of higher education teachers with blended, online, and remote learning in DkIT. The findings aim to provide a valuable insight into the field amidst the pandemic, and thus, prove useful for policy and development in higher education.


Dr Ronan Lynch is a lecturer and programme director in the Department of Visual and Human-Centred Computing in Dundalk Institute of Technology (DkIT). Ronan’s Ph.D. centred on Alternate Reality Games, culminating in Plunkett’s Pages, an interactive narrative that taught players about the 1916 Easter Rising. Ronan has completed a MA in Learning and Teaching, focusing on the experiences of DkIT lecturers with blended learning. Ronan lectures in: Moving Image, Personal and Professional Development, Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industries, and Augmented and Virtual Reality, while his research varies from the Creative Arts to the Learning and Teaching domains.