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Viewing Year: 2016

Reflective Learning Journals in Computer Science: The Student Experience [View Paper]
by Graham Glanville, Brett A. Becker

They won't talk: An investigation into perceptions of Chinese students' engagement and active participation in the classroom [View Paper]
by Julie Butters

Implementing a wiki(text)book assignment: More lessons from the trenches [View Paper]
by Paul Collins

The PowerPoint Free Classroom: Passivity, Engagement, and Student Perceptions [View Paper]
by Paul Donovan, Christina O'Connor

CONNECTEDNESS - FROM THE EDUCATOR'S PERSPECTIVE: An investigation of the impact of teaching practice on student connectedness in a first-year design studio classroom [View Paper]
by Wendy Doyle

In pursuit of an authentic educational relationship: An examination of dialogue in Freirean adult literacy practice [View Paper]

Perceptions of using the Raspberry Pi to learn computer architecture [View Paper]
by Trevor Prendergast, Oonagh McGirr

Does Scratch improve self-efficacy and performance when learning to program in C#? An empirical study [View Paper]
by Keith Quille

Blended Collaborative Cloud Learning: Foundations and Practice [View Paper]
by Christophe Meudec

Instructional Design guide: Team Guide for blended courses [View Poster]
by Alice Childs

Using a Contemplative Enquiry Approach For Teaching Research Methods to Chefs - A Case Study in Progress [View Poster]
by Annette Sweeney

Simulated Work Environment in Introductory Statistics [View Poster]
by Fabian Ofurum, Patrick Murphy

Building Habits Through the Use of Gamification [View Poster]
by Gavin Clarke, Joseph Kehoe and Daire O' Broin