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Viewing Year: 2015

Exploring teaching CV writing as a space for students and practitioners to reflect, assess and grow in preparation for work placement [View Paper]
by Aileen Waterman

Disarming Students - The role of storytelling in student engagement. [View Paper]
by Emmett Tuite, Lavinia Mclean, Alan Cole

Developing a Teaching and Learning Strategy: two perspectives [View Paper]
by Marie Brennan, Larry McNutt

QualiBuild Train the Trainer - An approach to training trainers of construction workers using flipped learning and peer assessment [View Paper]
by Shaun Ferns, Robert Hickey, Mark Keyes, Richie Ryan

A Flipped Approach To Developing Alternative Dispute Resolution Skills Flexible Learning for the Trainee Solicitor [View Paper]
by Jane Moffatt and Robert Lowney

Using publicly available video content to support learning in Higher Education An exploration of students' perceptions of the efficacy of the approach [View Paper]
by Paul Dervan

The 21st Century Graduate: Delivering a tailored approach to social and emotional competency training for final year students to enhance graduate attributes and increase employability [View Paper]
by Ailish Jameson, Dr Aiden Carthy, Dr Colm McGuinness and Dr Fiona McSweeney

Effect of Emphasising Graduate Attributes on WorkPlacement Reflection Participatory Action Research with Thematic Analysis [View Paper]
by Julie Dunne

Lovingkindness Caring for Others and Self , The Heart of Higher Education [View Paper]
by Terry Barrett

Facilitating student learning in Computer Science: large class sizes and interventions [View Paper]
by Keith Nolan, Aidan Mooney, Susan Bergin

Commonalities between Personal Development Modules and Social Care Work in Ireland [View Paper]
by Geraldine Maughan

Mindfulness research in higher education: student perspectives, educator perspectives and the research gap [View Paper]
by Julie McColl

Programming: Factors that Influence Success Revisited and Expanded [View Paper]
by Keith Quille, Aidan Mooney, Susan Bergin

An Evaluation of Google Plus Communities as an Active Learning Hournal Alternative to Improve Learning Efficacy [View Paper]

A roadmap to create online videos to facilitate student learning of threshold concept [View Paper]
by Emlyn Hegarty-Kelly, James Lockwood, Susan Bergin, Aidan Mooney

Developing a Module in Mindfulness Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education [View Paper]
by Fiona O'Riordan

Mindfulness and Contemplative Practices: The Voice of the Student [View Paper]
by Graham Glanville, Brett Becker

An Evaluation of Google Plus Communities as an Active Learning Journal Alternative to Improve Learning Efficacy [View Paper]
by Mark Scanlon, Brett Becker