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Viewing Year: 2010

What can neuroscience teach us about teaching? [View Paper]
by William O'Connor

A tag-team approach for teaching mathematics and programming. [View Paper]
by Fergus Toolan and Henry McLoughlin

Patterns of elective choice in the University College Dublin undergraduate curriculum. [View Paper]
by Patrick Purcell, John Dunnion and Hilda Loughran

(m)Oodles of data; mining Moodle to understand student behaviour. [View Paper]
by Kevin Casey & Paul Gibson

Engaging first-year science students through a multi-disciplinary approach. [View Paper]
by Eilish McLoughlin and Odilla Finlayson,

The effectiveness of self-assessment as a tool to enhance learning in the laboratory. [View Paper]
by Darvree Downey

Validating group learning and its assessment techniques. [View Paper]
by Blaithin McGrath, Mary Hannon, Padraig McGourty, Edel Costello, David Mullarkey, Mai Mitchell, Victoria Stevens, & Etain Kelly

Application of HETAC assessment and standards policy, a case study: Griffith College. [View Paper]
by Fiona O'Riordan and Angela O'Keefe

Case method of instruction in hospitality. [View Paper]
by Angela Harvey, GCD

Socheolas: Critical reflections on the establishment of a peer-reviewed student sociology journal in Ireland. [View Paper]
by Patricia Neville, Martin J. Power, Cliona Barnes and Amanda Haynes,

Improving reasoning using guided design or frameworks. [View Paper]
by Fionnuala Corcoran,

The potential of in-class online quizzes to promote attendance and engagement by first year undergraduate students. [View Paper]
by Garry O'Regan

Tailoring the traditional and testing the technological: The trials and tribulations of a tentative teacher. [View Paper]
by Julie Rodgers

Luddites and learning theories: Lessons from a flawed clicker project. [View Paper]
by Paul Surgenor

Teaching strategies for third level science students with dyslexia and/or dyspraxia. [View Paper]
by Maeve Scott and Darvree Downey

Teaching and learning diversity. [View Paper]
by Eloise Tan

Third-Level Specialised Support Centres- Their impact on student success. [View Paper]
by Martina Naughton, Nuala Curley, Joe Carthy and Tahar Kechadi,

Student Motivation in Project-Based Learning. [View Paper]
by Jukka Hilvonen and Paivi Ovask

Removing learner misconceptions and improving institutional teaching practices in one go. [View Paper]
by Robert Cleary, Stephen Cleary and Davide Susta,

Requiem for the Classroom? [View Paper]
by Anne Daly and Pat Proctor

Assessing Verbal Creativity with Digital Educational Games [View Paper]
by Stephen Howell and Tony Veale,

The Cognitive Developmental Levels of a sample of First Year University Science Students [View Paper]
by Lorraine McCormack, Odilla E. Finlayson, Thomas J.J. McCloughlin