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Viewing Year: 2008

An Information-Centric View on Decision Making [View Paper]
by Brett Becker

Effective Integration of Problem Based Learning Produces Professional Engineers [View Paper]
by Andrew Donnellan

The Mozart Effect in the Classroom [View Paper]
by Kay O'Sullivan

Methods to Enhance Student Learning: A Student Appraisal of Teaching Practise [View Paper]
by Dr. Attracta Brennan

Do good learners still need help with learning? or 'Do you have to be bad to get better'? [View Paper]
by Ben Yudkin and John Fazey

Games as an Engaging Teaching and Learning Technique: Learning or playing? [View Paper]
by Deborah Kirkland and Fiona O'Riordan

Signifying Authenticity: How Valid is Portfolio Assessment? [View Paper]
by Dr. Claire Stocks and Dr. Chris Trevitt

Motivating Students Using Competitions in Formative Assessment [View Paper]
by Eilis O'Leary

Student Engagement in Assessment for Learning [View Paper]
by Rosario Hernandez

Socratic learners or digital bankers? Students and assessment in the 21st century [View Paper]
by Robbie Smyth

Cross-cultural perspectives on the creation of effective learning environments for undergraduate students. [View Paper]
by Dr Della Fazey

A Necessary Cultural Shift for Learning [View Paper]
by Tim McLernon and David Hughes

Are we really teaching Business Planning or are we letting students float their boat? [View Paper]
by Geraldine McGing