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Academics views on Personalised e-Learning in Higher Education

Author Eileen O'Donnell, Liam O'Donnell,
Abstract The challenges for academics in meeting the learning requirements of students are many and varied. This research focuses on the concept of personalised learning, where activities are specifically selected to suit the learning requirements of individual students. The creation of personalised learning activities to suit every student's learning needs, are not easily achieved. A survey was conducted in June 2012 to determine academics awareness of, and views on, the novel teaching approach of personalised e-learning in higher education. Forty academics participated in this study. 60% of academic respondents agreed with the statement: There is a need to personalise e-learning to suit individual student's learning requirements. 85% of respondents agreed that e-learning can enhance the learning experience of students, and 70% were of the opinion that the use of personalised e-learning activities would enhance the learning experience of students. 43% of respondents agreed that they would use an authoring tool for personalising e-learning if one was available, and 43% did not know if they would use one or not. 'Prior knowledge' was perceived as the most important student characteristic on which to base personalisation and the easiest to achieve, and web navigational behaviour was seen as the least important and most difficult to achieve. This study contributes to existing research into the development of authoring tools to facilitate the creation of personalised e-learning activities by non-technical authors.
Keywords Academics, Lecturers, Educators, Instructional Designers, Students, E-learning, Personalisation, Personalised e-learning, Personalised learning activities, Adaptive elearning, Technology enhanced learning, and Higher education.
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2012
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