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The Irish Innocence Project and the Student Learning Experience

Author David Langwallner,
Abstract It should be stated at the outset that although this paper will focus in the final section on the student learning experience from The Innocence Project. In order to understand that experience fully we need to place it within the structure of the project. It will thus be necessary to trace the inception and outline the structure of the project at the outset and also to say a few things about the aims of the project. In substance it should be summarised that the essence of The Irish Innocence project is where student caseworkers under the supervision of lawyers work on closed case files with a view to determining whether a serving or in some instances former prisoner is factually innocent. The endgame of the project in bringing case back before the court is under the Criminal Procedure Act 1993 and in particular the idea that a new or newly discovered fact may lead to a conclusion by that court that there has been a miscarriage of justice and thus an exoneration of the individual in question.
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2011
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