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nExaminer: A Semi-automated Computer Programming Assignment Assessment Framework for Moodle

Author Zheng Cheng, Rosemary Monahan and Aidan Mooney,
Abstract In this paper, we present the nExaminer framework, a learning support tool for the Virtual Learning Environment, called Moodle. nExaminer is a framework for the semi-automated assessment of computer programming assignments. The motivation for developing the framework is based on the observation of a major problem associated with traditional assignment assessment in Moodle - managing an effective relationship between the instructor and the students is difficult. Providing a tool that will support both the student (through feedback on progress) and the instructor (through support the correction of assignments) will help to reduce this problem. The design and implementation of our proposed solution, the nExaminer framework, is discussed in this paper. The benefits that our framework provides to both students and instructors are also presented. Experimental results with the nExaminer framework have been encouraging. These show that the framework provides instructors with the ability to semi-automatically generate subjective feedback and automate the process of objective assessment within Moodle in an efficient manner. Moreover, the results also manifest that students are motivated by the usage of automated objective assessment in the nExaminer framework.
Keywords Semi-automation, assignment assessment, computer programming, increasing code coverage, Moodle.
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2011
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