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Removing learner misconceptions and improving institutional teaching practices in one go.

Author Robert Cleary, Stephen Cleary and Davide Susta,
Abstract Based on the Dochy model for the integration of learning, instruction and assessment (Dochy et. al, 1996), this paper proposes the use of that model (with a minor extension added) as the basis for the development of a software framework, for which tools designed to enhance learning might conform. The use of the extended model is inspired (by leaders in the field of educational research) having identified real dangers inherent in current education practices where frightening misconceptions arise in the learning of students who after assessment are graded in the high-achiever class. The extended model proposes to provide a dual benefit to educational institutions, namely, a student feedback methodology as well as an institutional education review tool which aims at capturing misconceptions and eliminating teaching practices which may support them.
Keywords Institutional review, integration, instruction, assessment, feedback, software enhanced learning
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2010
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