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Student Motivation in Project-Based Learning.

Author Jukka Hilvonen and Paivi Ovask
Abstract During the TIKLI-project, we have experienced that engaging students towards self-directed learning and working in the projects is challenging. In this project, we piloted a new learning environment for information technology students. The purpose of the research study was to explore what issues of PBL affect the motivation experienced by students towards learning. The study is based on interviews of students who participated in the project. The main outcome of the study is that the motivation of the students is influenced by the level of control the teacher holds in the project. Teachers' ability to doubt and ask questions was also seen valuable in guiding and challenging students' learning and working. According to our study, the customer contact is also one crucial element which affects motivation to learn. In addition, since the projects are carried out in teams, it is natural that the quality of teamwork influences the motivation of individuals.
Keywords Project-based learning, motivation, engagement, control, motivational aspects
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2010
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