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Luddites and learning theories: Lessons from a flawed clicker project.

Author Paul Surgenor
Abstract Audience Response Systems, or clickers, are increasingly used to address difficulties associated with student engagement in large classes in higher education. Many studies extol their benefits and evidence of their success prompts many academics to adopt the technology regarded as a panacea to the staid, didactic methods representative of large group teaching. This study reflects on a project in which clickers were introduced to a class of 500 undergraduate students where none of the expected benefits were fulfilled. It considers the reasons for this lack of success, the prerequisite and frequently overlooked role of learning theories, and suggests several small changes based on student-centred theories of teaching and learning that may encourage student engagement without the use of clickers.
Keywords Clickers; technology; pedagogy; learning theory
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2010
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