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Case method of instruction in hospitality.

Author Angela Harvey, GCD
Abstract In this paper the use of case studies as a teaching technique for developing practical skills in hospitality students is examined. The effectiveness of using the case method of instruction to enable students to solve problems through the use of observation and examination of particular hospitality related cases is looked at. Using the Case method of instruction provides an interactive learning approach that promotes student discussion and team work and in so doing increases communication skills. Such problem-solving and communications skills are considered to be crucial for hospitality students to acquire. Understanding how particular concepts can be applied to actual concrete hospitality situations helps to contribute to the student's executive ability, such skills which are often learned on the job, can now be taught using carefully selected cases that can be adapted to meet course objectives. This paper looks at how hospitality students respond to and approach learning from the case method of instruction and how it can help to prepare them for the real world. It provides recommendations on changes that can be made to current teaching practice to ensure better deployment of case studies across all modules in the final year stage of the course.
Keywords Case Method, Problem based learning, Hospitality Education, Higher Education, Active Learning.
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2010
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