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A tag-team approach for teaching mathematics and programming.

Author Fergus Toolan and Henry McLoughlin
Abstract As educators we constantly strive to present material in the most accessible way for students in our classrooms. Many novel delivery mechanisms have been tried with mixed rates of success. This paper presents a tag-team approach that has been used by the authors for a number of years. It involves the active participation of multiple lecturers in the delivery of lecture material and leads to improved participation and engagement from the students. While the technique presented requires a small amount of extra preparation when compared to a standard single-person lecturing model, it is our opinion that the effectiveness of the technique makes this extra time investment more than worthwhile. The paper describes the details of the method, its advantages and disadvantages and discusses feedback that we have received both from students and colleagues alike.
Keywords Tag-team lecturing, teaching style.
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2010
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