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Six Competence Dimensions of College Teaching A Framework for Professional Development

Author Leo Casey
Abstract This paper presents a practical competency framework to support the professional development of teachers in higher education. The framework proposes six dimensions of practice within which teacher capabilities may be developed. These encompass teaching effectiveness, inclusive practice, assessment and feedback, reflection and development, digital competence and college competence. The framework may, with some justification, be regarded as having a one-plus-five quality with the first dimension of teaching effectiveness arguably encompassing all of the others. However, an advantage of the framework is that it encourages a broad appreciation of the range of competences needed to be an 'accomplished teacher' across all the dimensions. Taken together, these dimensions provide an overall framework which may be used to organise and support academic teacher development.
Keywords Teaching in Higher Education, Teacher Competency Framework, Teacher Professional Development, Scholarship of Teaching.
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2018
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