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Approaches to Teaching and Learning in Art Education for Primary Teachers, using Art Journals as part of the Learning Process.

Author Andrea Cleary, Maire Ni Bhroin
Abstract It is generally accepted that reflection plays an essential role in learning. This practice paper describes and discusses the use of visual reflective journals by students in art education in DCU over the past three years. Although the art journals serve multiple purposes, in this paper we discuss three themes: Art Journals as a safe, creative, reflective learning resource for the student; journaling as a means of assessing student learning; and journaling as an avenue for honest feedback from the students on their experience of teaching approaches. Different forms of reflection are outlined and the distinctive nature of a physical as opposed to a digital journal is discussed. Our observations regarding the effects of journaling on student learning and our own teaching lead us to believe that this practice may have benefits for learners and practitioners beyond art education.
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2018
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