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Deep Talk: A contemplative practice offering a range of possibilities in Higher Education

Author Cora O'Farrell
Abstract According to Zajonc (2013), a 'quiet revolution' is unfolding in higher education through the introduction of contemplative practices. Owen-Smith (2018) outlines the need for such practices in order to promote a modern skill set beyond the procurement of information alone which has come to characterise higher education institutions in recent years, towards a reimagination of the university's purpose and practice, one centred on an ethical and compassionate vision for the 21st century. The Tree of Contemplative Practices developed by the Center for Contemplative Mind in Society organises contemplative practices currently in use in secular organisational and academic settings into the following categories - stillness; generative; creative; activist; relational; movement; and ritualistic/cyclical ( Deep Talk is a contemplative practice which falls into the relational category.
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2018
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