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Exploring the Mental health of Academic Psychologists in Ireland

Author Jonathan Murphy
Abstract Kinman and Wray (2017) reported 55% of UK academics meet the criteria for psychological distress, twice the level of the general population and numerous anecdotal cases in the media suggest an over-burdened professoriate. The current research investigates workload and mental health in an Irish context and reports preliminary findings from 31 academics across Irish psychology departments. Although self-care is a specific ethical responsibility for the psychology profession, probable cases of minor psychiatric disorder was found in 38.7% of respondents. Job satisfaction was variable across the sample with pay, promotion, fringe benefits, and operating procedures being the main sources of dissatisfaction. Job stress, perceived workload and perceived work pace differ significantly between probable cases of psychological distress and non-cases. Increases in stress doubled the odds of being considered a probable case of psychological distress. These findings are important in terms of academic integrity and the role of educators, and the university, in modelling healthy behaviour.
Keywords Psychology; faculty; mental health; job satisfaction; workload; job stress; GHQ
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2018
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