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Reflecting on Learning from Participation in a Cocurricular Reading Group

Author Robert Gillanders, Siobhain McGovern
Abstract Co-curricular activities in universities offer faculty the opportunity to promote and enhance the personal and professional values required in particular professions, through experiential learning. They differ from extra-curricular activities in that they are tied much more closely to the formal curriculum. This study explores the experiences of students who attended a co-curricular, voluntary, non-credit Economics reading group in 2017-2018. Experiences were captured in short narratives provided by participants following graduation. These narratives suggest that participants felt they were better prepared for the study of Economics in general and for continuous assessment in Economics modules in particular, as a result of participation. There was also evidence of the importance of the reading group to early graduate career identity formation.
Keywords Co-curricular activities, Economic literacy, graduate career identity
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2018
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