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Towards a Theoretical Framework to Inform Policy Development and Implementation

Author Marie Brennan
Abstract Three institutes ITT, ITB and DIT explored the benefits of collaborating and seeking designation as a technological university for Dublin following the publication of the Hunt Report in 2011. A high-level steering group was formed that would guide the alliance partners towards the goal of Technological University for Dublin. One of the aims of the group was to create a teaching, learning and assessment strategy for this new university. This paper reflects on the shift in focus from teaching, learning and assessment to policies that predispose these strategies. This provided the motivation for an exploratory study to examine how higher education policy is developed, implemented and evaluated. The main aim of this work is to develop a theoretical framework that would inform policy formation and optimise impact on higher education practice. The research will draw on the views of theorists such as Bourdieu and use grounded theory to provide pathways for an in-depth look at how the Framework can develop. This paper will outline the motivation for the research and the proposed methodology.
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2017
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