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Implementing the Professional Development Framework in your emotionally intelligent higher education institution; challenges and breath taking opportunities for educators

Author Teresa Whitaker
Abstract The implementation of the Professional Development Framework (PDF) presents challenges and opportunities for educators and higher education institutions (HEIs). In brief, the PDF (NFETL, 2016) recommends that those who teach in HEIs develop their knowledge, skills and competences through a variety of learning activities, namely: 1) new learning, 2) consolidating learning, 3) mentoring and 4) leading. The five key domains identified for professional development are: 1) the 'Self' in teaching, learning and scholarship, 2) Professional Identity, Values and Development, 3) Professional Communication and Dialogue in Teaching and Learning, 4) Knowledge and Skills in Teaching and Learning and 5) Personal and Professional Digital Capacity in Teaching and Learning. A digital teaching portfolio will evidence this learning and continuing professional development (CPD). The National Forum have developed 15 digital badges (each of 25 hour duration) to facilitate CPD. The PDF may present challenges for some educators: such as technophobes, part-time contract workers, those at the end of their careers, those completing doctoral studies, and those who feel time constrained and those who abhor change. That said, it also presents breath-taking opportunities for professional growth, the opportunity for educators to engage in reflective practice and the scholarship of teaching and learning, join an international community of practice and share best teaching practices with colleagues and students and to showcase their work. Senior management have a role to play in supporting and encouraging educators to engage in CPD. Implementation of the PDF will incur financial costs for HEIs, time will need to be allocated to educators to create a teaching portfolio.
Keywords digital, portfolio, professional development, PDF, digital, badges, HEI, values, TLA
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2017
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