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In pursuit of an authentic educational relationship: An examination of dialogue in Freirean adult literacy practice

Abstract This paper engages in a critical analysis of the educational theory of Paulo Freire. It is based on qualitative research which explores Irish adult literacy practice. The research harnesses the ontological aspects of Freire's theory; his interpretation of how human reality is constructed. Using this as the theoretical foundation for inquiry, research questions were developed using the theme of Freire's dialogical 'rejection of subject/object dichotomies' (Freire 1970). This element of Freire's theory is deconstructed and is used in order to examine how an authentic educational relationship, between learner and tutor/educator, can be created through dialogue. These considerations have pedagogical applications in all areas of the adult and further education sectors.
Keywords Freirean critical pedagogy, adult literacy, critical education, andragogy, ontology
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2016
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