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A roadmap to create online videos to facilitate student learning of threshold concept

Author Emlyn Hegarty-Kelly, James Lockwood, Susan Bergin, Aidan Mooney
Abstract A large number of first year Computer Science students find computer programming difficult and struggle to master the core concepts from the start. Providing additional support to these students from an early stage can be the difference between a student struggling and a student thriving in a module. The prevalence of videos on the Internet within the education domain allows students exposure to more resources than just the traditional lecture notes and labs/tutorials. These videos provide students with an opportunity to fill in gaps in their understanding or to improve their comprehension. This paper describes the process used to generate concept videos within the Computer Science department at Maynooth University for first year computer programming modules. The paper will document technology choices and provide recommendations on how to implement a similar process to create threshold concept videos. These technology choices are relevant for any interested party across any education domain.
Keywords Online learning, videos, programming, performance, Camtasia, threshold concepts
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2015
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