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Exploring teaching CV writing as a space for students and practitioners to reflect, assess and grow in preparation for work placement

Author Aileen Waterman
Abstract This paper explores an integrative pedagogical experiment designed to engage students in making connections across their lives, studies and employment through the process of CV writing as part of a pre-placement module. In order to investigate whether the CV could be used as an integrative learning tool, a case study was carried out in a second year pre-placement module in the BSc Finance degree in University College Cork. It was found that students viewed CV writing as a positive experience in spite of its intensity and focus on selfawareness and that the process of writing a CV was a welcome reflective space for students to assess and reassess their skills, career choices and connections between the different parts of their lives.
Keywords Integrative Learning, reflection engage, employability, CV, pre-placement
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2015
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