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Portfolios in the Design Curriculum: Enhancing the Practical Dimensions of the Design Studio Class

Author Orla Keane
Abstract This paper will establish the rationale behind the integration of an ePortfolio into design studio projects, by looking at the challenges many design lecturers currently face with various practical teaching methods. It will discuss how ePortfolios can be used to enhance these practical teaching methods, by using ePortfolios to document the types of student learning and progression that take place in the design studio class, which also mimic the design process followed in industry: Critique, Collaboration and Reflection. This paper argues that these three key stages of interior design project work can be enhanced by the use of ePortfolios at each stage, thereby allowing for the adoption of a key trend that is accelerating higher education technology today.
Keywords ePortfolio, eLearning, Art & Design
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2014
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