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Play hard, Work harder: Alternative reality game and scenario based assessments for learning

Author Barry Ryan
Abstract In this paper, an evaluative case study is detailed as an example of alternative reality game and scenario based assessments for learning. This pedagogic approach is evaluated and recommendations for practice offered. Integrating technology into the assessment process, and final student product, influenced the chosen pedagogy. The use of technology permitted this assessment approach to be adopted for a medium sized (n=40) student cohort. The use of wikis, e-portfolios and digital reflective diaries were central to creating a learning environment that centralised the student and allowed them to construct and create their knowledge through scaffolded alternative reality games and scenarios. Additionally peer feedback/feedforward and peer review devolved the responsibility of learning to the students allowing the academic to facilitate and scaffold learning activities that aligned to this alternate assessment strategy.
Keywords Alternative reality game based learning, scenario based learning, dynamic problem based learning, assessments for learning.
Published In ICEP Proceedings
Year 2014
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