Professor Julie Hulme

Professor Julie Hulme is a UK National Teaching Fellow and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. A psychologist, she aims to make a difference within higher education through applying psychological theories to researching and enhancing inclusion within higher education settings. Julie’s work recognises the importance of belonging to learning and teaching, for both staff and students, and seeks to help both individuals and institutions to create learning environments which foster a sense of community and social engagement for everyone. Her most recent research has focused on the experiences of disabled students at university, bullying in higher education, student transitions, and facilitating innovation as a way of promoting inclusion and teaching excellence. An experienced university teacher, educational leader, and academic developer, Julie is currently Professor of Psychology Education at Nottingham Trent University, UK.

For ICEP 2022, Julie will present on the following topic:

If it ain’t broke…”: Reasons, risks, and resilience in innovative teaching.

Below you will find a brief abstract of this presentation:

Higher education can transform students’ lives and future lives, and bring (often intangible) benefits to wider society. However, it can be argued that higher education teaching has changed relatively little for centuries. In this talk, Julie will explore why innovation matters, including ideas around student inclusion, engagement, and future-proofing graduates for uncertain times. She will discuss her research findings around why academics innovate (or not), the perceived risks of innovation, and ways in which you can manage the risks to bring an innovative sparkle to your own teaching. Drawing on psychology and the theory of pedagogic frailty and resilience, this talk aims to inspire you to reflect on your tried and tested teaching methods, and to try something new!