Aidan Mooney

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Automated assessment and feedback: do the students read the feedback?

Computer Science at first year level has one of the highest failure rates of all courses, not only in Ireland, but internationally. Students find computer programming particularly challenging and some students struggle. This is a massive area of research within the Computer Science Education community with many different techniques having been developed to help smoothen the steep learning curve for students as they learn programming.

In the first year programming modules at Maynooth University an automated feedback and automated assessment system is used to scaffold and support the student learning. This talk will present an insight into the effectiveness of the automated feedback that students receive when they get errors in their code. To carry out this experiment, participants were asked to wear mobile eye tracking glasses and complete their weekly programming questions. This talk will look at how and what students look at when presented with feedback. Their gaze was monitored to determine what they looked at and for how long. Some high level results will be presented.


Aidan is a lecturer in the Computer Science department of Maynooth University. He has extensive experience of teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate level. He is the first year coordinator and has extensive experience of working with large classes and has developed numerous supports to scaffold these students. His research interests lie in the areas Computer Science Education, Eye-tracking, Access learning and Image Processing. He has an extensive track record of publishing within these areas and is involved in numerous project, with multiple collaborators, across these domains.